Strong Island Media Fresh Cuts #001 – Tokyo


Strong Island Media Fresh Cuts #001 – Tokyo

Strong Island Media has been running now for getting on for 6 years and throughout the many different design, photography and film projects you end up with lots of things that didn’t quite make the final cut. In particular with film, you might go out and record some beautiful location b-roll shots for a project, with only one or two making the final cut. Sadly the rest of the footage ends up unused and on the cutting room floor (archive hard drive).

We’ve had lots of work experience young people working with us this summer and we love setting an editing task with real footage, to get them to be creative with the shot selection, flow, music, etc. All with our support with any questions or how to execute ideas. This year we’ve decided to put the two things together with Fresh Cuts, edits of the unused footage re-interpreted and re-edited, most of the time also done so by a young person working with us.

For the first Fresh Cut we go back to 2015, where we worked on a film project with global marine company Wärtsilä creating a documentary about their Toyama bearings & seals factory in Japan. We spent a week in Japan in Toyama filming and on the last Saturday spent the day filming & photographing Tokyo. In the end none of the Tokyo clips made the final cut as it was decided by the client to focus on the city of Toyama instead. With GCSE student Molly’s editing help, here is Fresh Cut #001 Tokyo, a minute or so of Japan’s busy capital city. If you’re interested in seeing the final film from 2015 we produced for Wärtsilä you can WATCH HERE. The beautiful west coast city of Toyama will end up in another Fresh Cut down the line.




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