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If you head down to Southsea’s Osbourne Road you will find a treasure trove of independent food and drink establishments. If you look closer you may see pieces of urban art which lead you to The Teatray based at the Southsea common end of the road where fresh sea air flows to great you.

We were invited to have breakfast with owners Fark, Nicky and baby daughter Poppy. Whilst sipping on hot coffee and tea (specially blended for them by a man in a shed based in Brighton, Fark informs us) we talk about everything from art and community to food and family life.

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The Teatray is expanding the amount artists represented in the city, from local creatives to established internationals including My Dog Sighs, B-Toy, Snub23 amongst many others to display work that is ever-changing and embraces all areas of urban art forms. These include paste ups, street art, stickers, stencils, one-off designs and custom toy designers like Kid Robot. The shops’ sign was painted by Gary (Instagram: @Gary_Msk_Ha), a member of the famous MSK crew and the cheeky seagull by artist Morf. The seagull is removable and will be auctioned off for charity in the future.

On Tuesday evenings the cafe is full of knitters and crafters who meet socially; anyone is welcome to join and bring a project with them.

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With art and design being at the centre of The Teatray’s heart it’s easily reflected in the beautiful custom interior of the cafe. A well curated blend of vintage, customised furniture and bright flashes of colour that would cheer you up on the darkest of wet winter afternoons. Not to mention Nicky’s stunning homemade cakes and treats proudly displayed on an elegant cocktail cabinet. Toward the back of Teatray you will find a shop space which sells gifts, homeware and handmade artisan products.

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Like A Teatray In The Sky

Another recent addition is the new menu which is exceptionally well executed. From a full breakfast, homely porridge with fresh berries to mushrooms and caramelised onion on toasted brioche. The lunch menu is equally delicious and of course the list of cakes and treats is hard to resist.

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After enjoying breakfast together we talk about family, Like a Teatray in the Sky is true family business. With Fark and Nicky greeting customers like old friends and daughter Poppy happily playing away it feels comfortable and relaxed.

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