Happy Birthday Ian Parmiter!

All of us at Strong Island want to wish a huge Happy Birthday to Southsea gent Ian Parmiter who is 50 years old/young/awesome today. Ian and family have shown us huge support and helped us in hundreds of ways over the years and we hold Ian in the highest regard. Ian is probably at an antique fare cornering the world market on vintage suitcases whilst looking strong in tweed as I type, safe to say there is only one Ian Parmiter and this city is lucky to have him right here.

The photo below is by Jack Daly from his People With Passions photography project:

Ian Parmiter by Jack Daly


  1. steve langton

    30 August

    If only he was as good at fishing as he is at antique dealing !!

    Happy Birthday mate !

  2. Leaves Cuisine

    31 August

    should have given a friend our number. Just think of the cake you could have had!!!!

  3. Onkye Ollack

    8 September

    A confused city polluted by the language of lecherous anglo saxons who I’ve asked ‘could you describe a long boat’ would most likely respond, ‘is it an ice cream’
    An conceited amalgamation of cowardise dictated by visual conformity and adolescent lust.
    An eagerness to be a part of society when they clearly misunderstood the second world war. England lost, get over yourself, it was a sanitisation initiative in preservation of the German economy, the swastika a symbol of balance restored Judaism and enabled Germany as a global economic force. Without the $768,000,000 US debt you’d all be dead and with a UK debt of $14 trillion, you’ve Queen Victoria and The East India Trading Company to thank for your lives.
    Please remember to wipe your feet as you basque in the sunshine of an Imperialist Sinkhole or perhaps adopt received pronunciation and a tweed cravat.
    The city protects via an invisible threat which has ‘never’ existed and uses these mindless to protect The Commonwealth from tools like you.

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