Joly & Wright

Two talented designers have recently moved down south to Portsmouth and set up an interior design practice. Charles Joly and Dean Wright moved down from Scotland to start Joly & Wright specialising in interior design, dressing and sourcing individual items of furniture and art. They also offer a free consultation and proposal. Their clients range from both residential and commercial property. Dean’s background is in art direction and advertising whilst Charles comes from environmental consultancy.

“It’s been really nice spending the summer by the coast, there seems to be a vibrant art scene here, which is great. We have met a lot of really creative people already”. Dean Wright.

I popped around to visit them over the weekend and took some pics inside their house and studio. There are so many unusual pieces of furniture which they have either made or bought from auctions. A recent purchase was the optometry eye test light.

“When we looked into relocating, finding somewhere with a creative buzz was important.The Creative Portsmouth Book reassured us that Portsmouth had a lot to offer”. Charles Joly

Below is some examples of their furniture design the A-Shelve and Coffee Pal which you can see at Bonzo Studio on Albert Road, Southsea.

Joly & Wright

Joly & Wright

Joly & Wright

Joly & Wright
To see further images taken – http://www.flickr.com/photos/create_up/sets/72157627951289393/


  1. Steve

    5 March

    Hi Charles, as you probably realised I’m neither dead nor ill, That was particularly thoughtful and Kind of you!
    I think congratulations are in order. Still together and in Business and I thought Dean would have gambled and drunk away your funds by now! Mind you, it is disappointing to to see that by ‘living abroad’you meant living in slightly scuzzy Portsmouth! Still, one up from Scotland, eh?
    A bit predictable to hear that you are on Grindr, A leopard can’t change his spots? Once a lying cheat, always a lying cheat, eh? lol . Bisous! Steve

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