10th Anniversary of the Gunwharf Quays – Dep...

10th Anniversary of the Gunwharf Quays – Depth Charge Performance

Would you like to be involved in a new site-specific theatre production? Wet Picnic are the theatre company charged with creating a celebratory performance for the 10th anniversary of the Gunwharf Quays shopping centre in April 2012. Wet Picnic are looking for performers, writers and singers who want to be a part of this fascinating project, which encompasses history, site, reality, imagination and theatre.

Gunwharf Quays has a rich and varied history and Wet Picnic plan to explore that in various ways placing performance in and around water, installations throughout the site, characters and storytelling and a large choral piece. As part of Depth Charge they are looking to work with local people to create this wonderful site-specific piece.

There will be three performances leading up to the big anniversary celebration in April 2012 which will take place in October 2011, December 2011 and January 2012 so they are looking for Actors, Dancers, Singers, Writers and Musicians that would like to be involved as much as they are able to be. You don’t have to be involved in every part of the project, however, the process will involve working with directors and performers from Wet Picnic through workshops and rehearsals, and will require that you are committed to the entire period that you apply to be part of. The work can be intense with a lot of changing elements throughout the creation process but promises to be incredibly rewarding, fun and interesting!

If you have experience or not they want to hear from you, so if you are interested in taking part please contact Judy at judy@wetpicnic.com.


Note: I’ve been lucky to see Wet Picnic perform on a couple of occasions, they are amazing!


  1. Lou

    14 October

    ooh this looks like fun!

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